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Created 25-Sep-21
16 photos
Photos entered for consideration by the Shadowhunter Circuit Photo Contest in Malta, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia. Entries closed September 25, 2021. Selections were announced October 13, including quite a few of my images, which will be exhibited starting November 20, 2021.

Shadowhunter PID:
- Exposed (Croatia, Serbia)
- Framed by Light I (Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia)
- Framed by light II (Malta)
- Light and shadow (Croatia, Malta)

Portrait PID:
- Floral (Montenegro)
- Shasta (Croatia, Malta, Serbia Master of Light Gold Ribbon)
- You have no power over me (Croatia, Malta, Serbia)

Nude PID:
- Mammals in the mist (Malta, Serbia)
- Parallel worlds (Malta)
- Rest and upheaval (Croatia Salon Silver Medal, Malta Master of Light Bronze Medal, Montenegro DIPA Diploma, Serbia Salon Ribbon)

Nature ND:
- Death Valley farewell (Malta Salon Ribbon, Serbia Master of Light Silver Medal)
- Eruption of stars (Croatia, Montenegro)

Open Color (PIDC):
- Milky Way over Mount Fremont (Croatia, Malta, Montenegro Master of Light Bronze Medal, Serbia)
- Schoolhouse Island (Montenegro)
- Tatoosh dreams (Malta)

Open Monochrome (PIDM):
- Bad mother (Croatia, Serbia)
- Form (Croatia Master of Light Bronze Medal, Malta, Montenegro, Serbia)
- Lean on me (Malta)
Exposed (Shadowhunter PID) (Accepted by Croatia and Serbia)Framed by light I (Shadowhunter PID) (Accepted by Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia)Framed by light II (Shadowhunter PID) (Accepted by Malta)Light and shadow (Shadowhunter PID) (Accepted by Croatia and Malta)Floral (Portrait PID) (Accepted by Montenegro)Shasta (Portrait PID) (Serbia Masters of Light Gold Ribbon, accepted by Croatia and Malta)You have no power over me (Portrait PID) (Accepted by Croatia, Malta and Serbia)Mammals in the mist (Nude PID) (Accepted by Malta and Serbia)Parallel worlds (Nude PID) (Accepted by Malta)Pier 56 (Nude PID)Rest and upheaval (Nude) (Croatia Silver, Malta MoL Bronze, Montenegro DIPA Diploma, Serbia Ribbon)Tatoosh dreams (Open Color PIDC) (Accepted by Malta)Bad mother (Open Monochrome PIDM) (Accepted by Croatia and Serbia)Form (Open Monochrome PIDM) (Croatia MoL Bronze, Accepted by Malta, Montenegro, Serbia)Lean on me (Open Monochrome PIDM) (Accepted by Malta)You say that I am (Open Monochrome PIDM)