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Created 5-May-22
13 photos
Photos submitted to the Photographic Society competition "Pirin Salon" (2022-78) in Bulgaria.

Closing: 4/24/22
Judging: 5/4/22
Notification: 5/10/22
Exhibition: 6/8/22
Framed by Light I (Nude PIDC) (IAAP Bronze Medal)Asunder (Open Monochrome PIDM) (Accepted)Diane (Open Color PIDC) (Accepted)Lilith and Eve (Nude PIDC) (Accepted)Origins (Open Color PIDC) (Accepted)Shelter (Open Monochrome PIDM) (Accepted)Vantage (Open Monochrome PIDM) (Accepted)Vernal Light (Open Color PIDC) (Accepted)Crystal, Stone and Surf (Open Monochrome PIDM)Illumination (Nude PIDC)Leo, Hooded (Portrait PIDC)Lookout (Portrait PIDC)Role Reversal (Nude PIDC)