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Created 8-May-22
14 photos
Entries for the Photographic Society contest "Good Light" (Serbia).
5/7/22 Deadline
5/10/22-5/21/22 Judging
5/29/22 Notice
6/20/22 Catalog
6/20/22-7/1/22 Projections
7/22 Awards sent
Duty Station (Open Monochrome PIDM) (Salon Diploma)Driftwood (Open Monochrome PIDM) (Accepted)Catching Sun (Open Monochrome PIDM) (Accepted)Model Citizens (Life PJD) (Accepted)Sanctified (Open Monochrome PIDM) (Accepted)Connection (Good Light PIDC)Dance in the Light (Good Light PIDC)Dawn (Open Color PIDC)Godiva in the Evening (Good Light PIDC)Illumination (Open Color PIDC)Skinny Dipper (Life PJD)Spirit of the Desert (Good Light PIDC)Tatoosh Dreams (Open Color PIDC)The Question (Decisive Moment PJD)