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Created 5-Jul-21
5 photos
Photos submitted for consideration by the "Figure That! 4th Annual Exhibition" at 3 Square Art Gallery in Fort Collins, Colorado, closing June 20, 2021, and showing from July 30 to September 3, 2021. Two of my photos were accepted--and one of them won the Gold Award and a monetary prize of $300!

"Figure That!: 4th Annual Juried Exhibition. The human figure has intrigued and inspired artists to paint beautiful and provocative images through the centuries. Artists use the figure for training purposes, creating an image of an important individual, for abstract and well as realistic imagery, for social commentary, design and more. Go figure that artists have found ways to portray the human body is nearly every possible way imaginable. Can you figure something that has never been tried before or will you utilize traditional methods? We want to see your best figurative work so Figure That out! Find a new take on the human figure."
Rest and Upheaval (Gold Award!)Role Reversal (Finalist!)AsunderCardinal Sins