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These photos have been accepted for exhibition in at least one gallery or festival. They are among my best images!

March 1-April 1, 2021, Lean on Me, "When She Rises, We All Rise," 118 Online Art Gallery
March-April 2021, Scarlet Earheart (series of 5), "Unapologetically Human," Worth Project, Queen's University, Ontario
March 8-April 8, 2021, Identity and Lean on Me, "Diversia: Woman 2021,"
April 1-30, 2021, Dance in the Light and Last Light, "Human Nature," online exhibit, Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, Everett, PA
April 5-30, 2021, Rebirth (8th place) and Dance for the Earth (Special Recognition), "Figurative," Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery
April 5, 2021, Gift to be tied (series of 4), "Mini-Issue XV: Fetish," Nakid Magazine
May 1-20, 2021, You have no power over me, "Focus: Portraiture," Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR
May 1-June 15, 2021, You say that I am, "Persist, Persevere, Be," online exhibit, IncuArts Gallery
May 2, 2021, Bad Mother (Honorable Mention) and Rest and Upheaval, Pirin Salon, Razlog, Bulgaria
May 2-July 2, 2021, Enfolded, "Exposure 2021," Marin Society of Artists, San Rafael, CA
May 18, 2021, Cardinal Sins (Finalist), "Nude2021," Photoshoot Awards
May 25-June 20, 2021, Three Graces, Monochromerific 2nd. Ed, More Art Please, Brasov, Romania
May 29, 2021, Rest and Upheaval (Judge's Choice) and Godiva in the Evening, MTN Photo Salon, Kolkata, India
— June 19-July 3, 2021, You have no power over me, "Femalia," Praxis Photo Arts Center, Minneapolis
June 30, 2021, Asunder, Rest and Upheaval, Ritual, Role Reversal, Surrender, and Tahoma, Summer 2021, Marika Magazine
July 1-24, 2021, Locked Out and You say that I am, "Bodyscapes," PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
July 1-September 30, 2021, On Watch, "Secret Worlds," Summer 2021, Shots Magazine
— July 2-August 21, 2021, Rest and Upheaval, "14th Annual Contemporary Figurative Show," Hilliard Gallery, Kansas City, MO
July 3-30, 2021, Lean on Me, "Proud+ 2021," The Studio Door, San Diego
July 5, 2021, Rest and Upheaval (series of 7, including Asunder), Honorable Mention, Moscow International Foto Awards, Moscow, Russia
July 25, 2021, Three Graces (series of 7, including Ritual), Honorable Mention, Monovisions Photography Awards, London
July 30-September 3, 2021, Rest and Upheaval (Gold Award) and Role Reversal (finalist), "Figure That! 4th Annual Juried Exhibition," 3 Square Art Gallery, Fort Collins, CO
— August 11-18, 2021, Framed by Light (Masters of Light Gold Medal), Nefertiti (Salon Honorable Mention), Desert Light, and Lean on Me, National Museum Gallery, Vidin Spring Circuit, Vidin, Bulgaria
August 11-18, 2021, Asunder, Framed by Light (Masters of Light Honorable Mention), Nefertiti, Role Reversal, Shasta (Salon Bronze Medal), and Three Graces, VI Art Foundation, Vidin Spring Circuit, Pazardzhik, Bulgaria
August 11-18, 2021, Asunder (Danube International Photo Association Honorable Mention), Beauty Treatment, Nefertiti, and Shasta, Centar za kulturu, Vidin Spring Circuit, Cuprija, Bulgaria
August 11-18, 2021, Asunder (Salon Honorable Mention), Framed by Light (Masters of Light Honorable Mention), Invy Rose, Nefertiti, and Role Reversal, Centar za kulturu, Vidin Spring Circuit, Paracin, Bulgaria
August 13-September 10, 2021, On watch, "NUDE2021," Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio
October 6, 2021, Bad Mother and On Watch, Photo Club Montenegro
October 15-29, 2021, Rest and Upheaval (Salon Gold), Diane (Salon Honorable Mention), On the Rocks, Hot Mamma, and Feathers, Centar za kulturu, Kladovo Summer Circuit, Cuprija, Serbia
October 15-29, 2021, Diane (Salon Honorable Mention) and Feathers, VI Art Foundation 57 Bulgaria str, Kladovo Summer Circuit, Pazardzhik, Bulgaria
October 15-29, 2021, Tatoosh Mirror, Rest and Upheaval, Spring Breeze, and Spirit of the Desert, National Museum gallery, Kladovo Summer Circuit, Vidin, Bulgaria
October 15-29, 2021, Rest and Upheaval, Centar za kulturu, Kladovo Summer Circuit, Kladovo, Serbia
October 21, 2021, Form, "Varadinum" 5th International Art Photographic Salon, Oradea, Romania
November 19-20, 2021, Dawn, Hidden Figure, and Once More with Feeling, digital exhibition, Rochester Erotic Arts Festival
November 20, 2021, Bad Mother, Death Valley Farewell (Master of Light Silver Medal), Exposed, Form, Framed by Light I, Mammals in the Mist, Milky Way over Mount Fremont, Rest and Upheaval (Salon Ribbon), Shasta (Master of Light Gold Ribbon), and You have no power over me, Djura Jaksic Gallery & Lumière's Beam Photographic Agency Gallery, Shadowhunter Circuit, Kragujevac, Serbia
November 20, 2021, Bad Mother, Eruption of Stars, Exposed, Form (Master of Light Bronze Medal), Framed by Light I, Light and Shadow, Milky Way over Mount Fremont, Rest and Upheaval (Salon Silver Medal), Shasta, and

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Rest and upheaval (Pirin, Mtn JC, Marika, Hilliard, 3 Square Art, MIFA HM, Kladovo Gold 2021)Framed by Light I (Vidin Spring Circuit 2021 Masters of Light Gold Medal, Shadowhunter 2021)Asunder (Marika Magazine 2021; Vidin Spring Circuit 2021; MIFA Honorable Mention 2021)You have no power over me (Black Box Gallery 2021, Praxis Photo Arts Center 2021, Shadowhunter 2021)Lean on me (118 Art Gallery 2021; Biafarin 2021; Studio Door 2021; Vidin 2021; Shadowhunter 2021)Form (Varadinum 2021; Shadowhunter MoL Bronze 2021)Three Graces (More Art Please 2021; Vidin Spring Circuit 2021; Monovisions 2021)Milky Way over Mount Fremont (Pirin 2021; Shadowhunter 2021)Bad Mother (Pirin Salon 2021 Honorable Mention; Montenegro 2021; Shadowhunter 2021)Shasta (Shadowhunter 2021)On Watch (Manifest Gallery 2021, Shots Magazine 2021, Montenegro 2021)Death Valley farewell (Shadowhunter 2021)Role Reversal (Vidin Spring Circuit 2021; 3 Square Art Finalist 2021)Ritual (Marika Magazine 2021, Monovisions 2021)Nefertiti (Vidin Spring Circuit 2021 Honorable Mention)Diane (Kladovo Summer Circuit Honorable Mention 2021)Shasta (Vidin Spring Circuit 2021)You say that I am (IncuArts Gallery 2021; PH21 2021)Dance in the Light (Colors of Humanity 2021; Light Space & Time 2021)Three Graces series (Monovisions 2021)