SensuaLight Photography | June rainy/foggy day figure photography: Panther Creek Burn
Created 13-Apr-18
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Note: These photos are for reference only, as examples of the kinds of photographs I wish to create.
Location: Panther Creek flows under Highway 123 on the southeast side of Mount Rainier. Just south of the creek is a large area that was burned by fire about 15 years ago. I'd love to do a photoshoot among the old dead trees -- especially if we could catch it on a foggy day. I don't have good photos of this site, but am including some photos of similar areas, as well as two "Street View" images from Google Maps.
Project: Figure nudes among the "silver forest," ideally in cloudy, rainy, or even foggy conditions for added effect. Shibari rope bondage is also an option for this photo shoot, but is not required.
Dates: This site will first be accessible when the road opens in late May. The cloudy, rainy, or foggy conditions I'm hoping for are more likely in early or late season, before the summer drought kicks in. We may need to watch the weather forecast and have an alternative plan in mind in case the weather does not cooperate, though this project will still be partially successful in sunny weather.
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