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Created 14-Feb-18
100 photos
Sensualight Photography celebrates the marvelous diversity of human sensuality in all of its forms. Every individual and every couple has a story, a unique experience of being alive in a unique body at a unique time and place. My art aspires to tell those compelling stories. And if you have a story to tell (and who doesn't?), I'd love to work with you!

Also consider my portfolios of Events and Erotic Art.

[Portfolio updated April 2021]
Katlyn (Katlyn Lacoste, Shriner Peak, 2020)Golden (Tiffany Helms and Katlyn Lacoste, Shriner Peak, 2020)Fire and Ice (Enigma and Katlyn Lacoste, Moraine Lake, 2020)Bacchanal (Lily Green, Seattle, 2019)Sensuality (Lily Green, Seattle, 2019)Bouquet (Lily Green, Seattle, 2019)Regal (Scarlet Earhart, Ghost Lake, 2019)Identity (Scarlet Earhart, Ghost Lake, 2019)Banished (Melancholic and Despondent, Seattle, 2019)Role reversal (Melancholic and Despondent, Seattle, 2019)Proof (Lior Allay, Seattle, 2019)You say that I am (Lior Allay, Seattle, 2019)As above, so below (Lior Allay, Seattle, 2019)Cardinal sins (Lior Allay, Seattle, 2019)Pain (Lior Allay, Seattle, 2019)Exposed (Olinka Lickova, Seattle, 2019)Shadows (Olinka Lickova, Seattle, 2019)Divine (Marzipanned, Seattle, 2019)Watchful (Marzipanned, Seattle, 2019)Locked out (Marzipanned, Seattle, 2019)